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Code of Conduct

The NGA-LTER code of conduct outlines expected conduct in the field, in laboratories, during meetings, and in interactions with the public. It underscores our desire to provide a research environment that promotes respect, that is safe and productive, and provides the entire NGA-LTER community with a platform for success.

Phase II Proposal

Phase I Proposal

Resource Documents

NGA LTER Cruise Documents

Cruise SeasonCruise IDCruise PlanCruise Report
Spring 2024SKQ202407SR/V Sikuliaq - April/May 2024
Fall 2023TGX202309R/V Tiĝlax̂ - Sept 2023
Summer 2023KM2307R/V Kilo Moana - June/July 2023
Spring 2023SKQ202307SR/V Sikuliaq - April/May 2023Cruise Report SKQ202307S
Fall 2022TGX202209R/V Tiĝlax̂ - Sept 2022Cruise Report TGX202209
Summer 2022SKQ202210SR/V Sikuliaq - July 2022
Spring 2022SKQ202207SR/V Sikuliaq - April/May 2022Cruise Report SKQ202207S
Fall 2021TGX202109R/V Tiĝlax̂ - Sept 2021Cruise Report TGX202109 (TXF21)
Summer 2021SKQ202110SR/V Sikuliaq - June/July 2021Cruise Report SKQ202110S
Spring 2021SKQ202106SR/V Sikuliaq - Apr/May 2021Cruise Report SKQ202106S
Fall 2020SKW202012SR/V Sikuliaq - Sept 2020Cruise Report SKQ202012S
Summer 2020 (Supplemental)NUQ202003SCruise Report NUQ202003S
Summer 2020SKQ202010SR/V Sikuliaq - July 2020Cruise Report SKQ202010S
Spring 2020SKQ202006SR/V Sikuliaq - May 2020
Cruise Report SKQ202006S
Fall 2019TGX201909R/V Tiĝlax̂ - Sept 2019Cruise Report TGX201909 (TXF19)
Summer 2019 (Supplemental)NUQ201901SR/V Nanuq - July 2019Cruise Report NUQ201901S
Summer 2019SKQ201915SR/V Sikuliaq - July 2019Cruise Report SKQ201915S
Spring 2019TGX201904R/V Tiĝlax̂ - May 2019Cruise Report TGX201904 (TXS19)
Fall 2018TGX201809R/V Tiĝlax̂ - Sept 2018Cruise Report TGX201809 (TXF18)
Summer 2018WSD201807R/V Woldstad - July 2018Cruise Report WSD201807 (WOL18J)
Spring 2018SKQ201810SR/V Sikuliaq - May 2018Cruise Report SKQ201810S