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Signature Datasets

The Signature Datasets of NGA LTER distinctively illustrate the ecological processes that occur in the Gulf of Alaska. We’ve chosen to present them mainly as time series aggregated over the complex horizontal or vertical structure that is typical of our area. Therefore, they are simpler to understand and to use than the original datasets from which they are derived.

Dataset Description

Each Signature Dataset consists of an ASCII data file, a plot of the data, and citations of the archives that contain the original data. Sometimes these citations refer to several different archives.  This is because the multi-decadal data collected in the Gulf of Alaska span several different funded projects and numerous researchers. For example, the original data might have formats that differ according to who prepared them. Additionally, data archives are often split among separate institutions. All these archives can be found separately in our data catalog.  However, the Signature Datasets pull them together into products that are immediately useful for synthesis projects and numerical model verification.

Seward Line Zooplankton Biomass (Population Studies)

Seward Line Physical Hydrography (Disturbance Patterns)

GAK1 Temperature and Salinity Time Series (Disturbance Patterns)

Seward Line Nutrients (Movement of Inorganic Matter)

Integrated Chlorophyll (Primary Production)