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Education and Outreach

We support educational activities for students, teachers, and the community at large.

Teacher programs and lesson plans


Use our middle school food web lesson plan for your educational needs and learn how to integrate our interactive learning tools and virtual field trip into your programming.

You can also access a collection of educational resources that will help students of all ages learn more about the Northern Gulf of Alaska ecosystem.

student resources


Explore the food web of the Northern Gulf of Alaska on our virtual field trip.

You’ll learn about how organisms depend on (and eat!) each other, and see if you could survive as a copepod or jellyfish in our video game.


Undergraduate students can connect with researchers working in the field and graduate students can find research opportunities through our REU program.

Food Web Field Trip

Visit the Northern Gulf of Alaska … virtually.

Learn about the food web in the NGA through videos and an interactive game.

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About the Gulf of Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska is a large body of water north of the Pacific Ocean and contained on the northern boundary by the curve of the southern coast of Alaska. It stretches from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island in the west to the Alexander Archipelago in the east, where Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage are found.

Many ecosystems thrive in this body of water and include life as varied as deep water corals to sharks and whales.

Research Experience for Teachers at Sea (RET)

Apply to participate in NGA LTER science activities while sailing with researchers on our periodic cruises.

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Learn more with our external resources


Zooplankton species library

Our collection of images and information on the microscopic organisms found in the Northern 
Gulf of Alaska illuminates the variety of life there.

gulf birds

Gulf of Alaska seabirds

We collected photos of the seabirds that were seen during the Spring 2018 cruise in the Gulf of Alaska.

Spring 2018 NGA LTER Cruise

Spring 2018 cruise videos

We had some talented cinematographers aboard R/V Sikuliaq in May 2018 for our Spring LTER cruise. They interviewed scientists and documented some of our sampling techniques.

Research experience for undergraduates

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

REU projects focus on the newest research topics at the NGA LTER. Topics range from physics to chemistry to biology. They can involve the retrospective analysis over decades or cutting-edge sampling aboard R/V Sikuliaq.

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