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Get Involved

Educators: If you are interested in our education and outreach opportunities or joining in our Teacher at Sea program, contact E&O Coordinator Katie Gavenus.

Students: Take a virtual field trip, play our food web video game, or learn more about our Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) here. You can also contact our investigators for graduate student opportunities. We welcome new graduate student involvement in the NGA LTER program.

Researchers: If you are interested in working in conjunction with the NGA LTER, contact Lead PI Russell Hopcroft. Here is a brief overview of our research cruises and field season:

  • Every spring: Core sampling, targeting the Kodiak, Seward and Middleton Island Lines, plus Prince William Sound. Has been aboard the R/V Sikuliaq, with 24 science berths available.
  • Every other summer: Process cruise, which includes core sampling plus experimental work and hypothesis testing. Ship availability varies, but occurs aboard a UNOLS research vessel. Cruises include participants from our REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program.
  • Every fall: Core sampling along the Seward Line and Prince William Sound aboard the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service vessel the R/V Tiglax. 14 science berths available.

NGA LTER Annual All Hands Meetings

The NGA LTER hosts an annual All Hands Meeting in Fairbanks. The aim of this meeting is to maximize exposure of participants to the breadth of research underway at the site, and to provide an opportunity to develop collaborations. Major elements typically include: project overview and status, working group discussions, student presentations, diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI) and education and outreach opportunities and updates. For more details, please contact Russell Hopcroft, NGA LTER Principal Investigator, or Kerri Fredrickson, NGA LTER Project Manager.

Network LTER All Scientists Meetings

The Long-Term Ecological Research Network All Scientists Meeting is held every three years and brings together scientist, graduate students, and other guests interested in long-term ecological research and the LTER program. The last meeting was held in Asilomar, California, from September 20-23, 2022.