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Wild Postcard Project in Alaska

The Wild Postcard Project, organized in Alaska by UAF graduate students Emily Ortega and Josianne Haag, would like to thank the NGA LTER for their financial support of this year’s Alaskan Biodiversity Art Contest.

Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Nakita Crisci-Olanna]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Jazmine Peterson]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Gunnar Bowen]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Kadence Barnett]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: August Shroyer]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Janessa Templeton]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Calla Fish]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Sebastian Duyck]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Philip Christopher]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Emily Loska]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Genevieve Sperbeck]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Coven Otto]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Kamryn Basye]
Wild Postcard Project Winner
[Credit: Yden Soyangco]
Wildlife Ambassador Winner
[Credit: Eve Schlotthauer]
Wildlife Ambassador Winner
[Credit: Emma Schlotthauer]
Wildlife Ambassador Winner
[Credit: Finnely Johnson]
Wildlife Ambassador Winner
[Credit: Sage Piper]
Wildlife Ambassador Winner
[Credit: Betty Morris]
Wildlife Ambassador Winner
[Credit: Niobe Vicks]

What is the Wild Postcard Project?

Originally, the Wild Postcard Project was founded by Angela Stevenson and Eileen Diskin in 2016 in a Dublin pub. Since then, it has hosted art competitions for kids and teens around the world. Their goal is spreading awareness of local wildlife across the world through postcards.

In Alaska …

After working on the project during her undergraduate studies at UBC, Josianne decided to bring the contest to UAF during her time as a graduate student.

In March 2021, with help from the NGA LTER project, the WPP successfully held a joint competition with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for Alaskan K-12 students. Incredibly, this year’s competition attracted close to 500 young artists from across the state who shared their dual love of Alaskan biodiversity and art. Winners were chosen by a pair of judges, Dr. Amanda Kelley and local artist Klara Maisch.

In the end, 14 winners and 6 wildlife ambassadors were chosen to see their artwork turned into beautiful postcards!

This year’s winners:
Nakita Crisci-Olanna
Jazmine Peterson
Gunnar Bowen
Kadence Barnett
August Shroyer
Janessa Templeton
Calla Fish
Sebastian Duyck
Philip Christopher
Emily Loska
Genevieve Sperbeck
Coven Otto
Kamryn Basye
Yden Soyangco

And wildlife ambassadors:
Eve Schlotthauer
Emma Schlotthauer
Finnley Johnson
Sage Piper
Betty Morris
Niobe Vicks

More Information:

More information on this year’s contest can be found at Alaska 2021 – The Wild Postcard
. To learn more about Alaskan biodiversity, please visit Alaskan Biodiversity – The Wild Postcard Project

Right now, the postcards are available through the WPP Etsy shop Celebrating biodiversity with beautiful by WildPostcardProject (etsy.com)!