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Publications in this list were generated from GLOBEC work done along the Seward Line and in the northern Gulf of Alaska and were published 2000–2015. In addition, these publications are limited to those with official GLOBEC contribution numbers and/or those archived as publications of U.S. GLOBEC. As a matter of fact, many other publications are based on data collected by GLOBEC funded projects or on research done on GLOBEC funded cruises, but are not included in this list.

This is not a complete list of all GLOBEC publications – or even of the Northeast (NEP) or coastal Gulf of Alaska (CGOA) study areas. Instead, it focuses on work done by current LTER researchers and work that supports the current studies. As a set, these GLOBEC studies establish the seasonal biological cycles and rate processes for the region, important background for NGA LTER.

GLOBEC framework
GLOBEC’s framework for bottom-up influence in the Gulf of Alaska ecosystem (credit: Seth Danielson)