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At-Sea Residence Opportunity

Are you an Alaskan educator, artist, science communicator, or culture bearer interested in learning about and contributing to knowledge of the NGA? Are you eager and able to participate in an oceanographic expedition? If so, the NGA LTER is excited to invite you to spend 1-3 weeks participating in oceanographic research in the Northern Gulf of Alaska this summer or fall.

Participants in this At-Sea Residence will work with NGA LTER education & outreach coordinator to create a project that will allow them to share what they’ve learned about the Northern Gulf of Alaska ecosystems and research with youth or their broader community.

There are two options for participation:

Summer 2022: Research Cruise on the R/V Sikuliaq, July 6-28th, application due June 15
Fall 2022: Research Cruise on the R/V Tiglax, September 9-19th, application due July 1

All lodging and meal costs associated with the cruise are covered by the NGA LTER. And travel within Alaska to and from Seward is covered as well.

Contact Katie Gavenus (katieg@akcoastalstudies.org or 907-235-1974) for more information or to obtain an application.