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Data Overview (orig)

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Current Data Catalog

NGA LTER data is hosted by our partner Axiom Data Science and is accessible via the DataONE cyberinfrastructure.

By default, the DataONE interface displays data packages from all its member nodes, not just those produced by the NGA LTER program. To restrict the search to NGA LTER data packages, include the nga-lter tag in your search query. Or utilize one of these preconfigured searches:

Search by LTER Core Area

Signature Data Sets

A locally hosted data catalog utilizing the DataONE API is under construction.

DataOne screenshot

Data accessibility is critical to the LTER program. All data collected by NGA LTER will be publicly available within two years of collection.

Overview of Other Data Catalogs

Because of NGA LTER’s long history of environmental sampling, this page refers to decades of data from previous studies. These studies produced different data catalogs. Therefore, there are several possible sources for historic data.

Historical LTOP Data Catalog

Between the GLOBEC years and the current LTER program (2005-2017), various projects continued collecting Seward Line data. Data include long-term monitoring of the Seward Line’s physical properties, nutrients, and chlorophyll. Additionally, mooring time series and monthly sampling at station GAK1 are also available.

Access the table of links to the historical LTOP archive.

LTOP map
Map of LTOP sampling stations.

Historical GLOBEC Data Catalog

Data from the U.S. GLOBEC Northeast Pacific (NEP) funded sampling of the Seward Line (1997-2004) resides at the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO). The GLOBEC program focused on salmon and their environment. In addition to salmon haul data, datasets include zooplankton counts, CTD station data, and results from phytoplankton growth rate and microzooplankton grazing experiments.

Access the table of links to the GLOBEC data archive.


AOOS Gulf of Alaska Portal

It is also possible to view some years of Seward Line CTD data via the Alaska Ocean Observing System’s (AOOS’s) Gulf of Alaska data portal. Maps and preliminary visualizations for 1997-2013 are discoverable via searching the portal catalog. Transect plots of some of these years are also available on the original Seward Line results webpage.

It is our hope to combine these visualizations into a single product in support of NGA LTER.

AOOS Gulf of Alaska Portal