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Educating students has been important feature of research activities in the NGA.

K-12 Students

Check the Education portion of this websites for developing programs for K-12 students.

Undergraduate Students

Though the NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program, the NGA LTER will be offering REU positions at both UAF and WWU. More information on these will be posted as it becomes available.

water sampling
Sampling water from the CTD during a GLOBEC cruise

Graduate Students

Over the years, field activities in the NGA have provided research opportunities and data to numerous graduate students. With several cruises a year, there is plenty of work to be done. Additionally, the targeted research of the GLOBEC years provided subjects and data for theses and dissertations.

Advanced Degrees Produced

Clay MazurM.S.Dr. Strom2020Comparing the bioavailability of a natural and synthetic iron source: do past experiments accurately model phytoplankton response to episodic iron addition?
Heidi Mendoza-IslasM.S.Dr. Hopcroft2020Abundance, composition and distribution of predatory gelatinous zooplankton in the Northern Gulf of Alaska
Jessica PrettyM.S.Dr. McDonnell2019Particles in the Pacific: how productivity and zooplankton relate to particles in the deep sea
James KellyM.S.Dr. Weingartner
2015An examination of hydrography and sea level variability in the Gulf of Alaska
William WilliamsPh.D.Dr. Weingartner
2003Idealized Modeling of Seasonal Variation in the Alaska Coastal Current
Markus JanoutPh.D.Dr. Weingartner
2010Heat and Freshwater Controlling Processes on the Northern Gulf of Alaska Shelf
Alya DoubledayM.S.Dr. Hopcroft
2013Seasonal and interannual patterns of larvaceans and pteropods in the coastal Gulf of Alaska, and their relationship to pink salmon survival
Hui LiuPh.D.Dr. Hopcroft2006Growth rates of calanoid copepods in the northern gulf of Alaska, and their relationships to temperature, chlorophyll and body size
Alexei PinchukPh.D.Dr. Hopcroft2006Distribution, growth and egg production of euphausiids in the Northern Gulf of Alaska
Amy ChildersM.S.Dr. Whitledge2001Major nutrient distribution in relation to the physical structure of the Gulf of Alaska shelf
Amy ChildersPh.D.Dr. Whitledge2005Major nutrient distribution in relation to the physical structure of the Gulf of Alaska shelf
Laura SlaterM.S.Dr. Hopcroft2004Development, growth, and egg production of Centropages abdominalis and Neocalanus flemingeri from the eastern subarctic Pacific
Jessica TurnerM.S.Dr. McDonnell2015Investigating marine particle distributions and processes using in situ optical imaging in the Gulf of Alaska
Leandra de SousaPh.D.Dr. Coyle2011Seabird habitat use and zooplankton abundance and biomass in relation to water mass properties in the Northern Gulf of Alaska
Georgina GibsonPh.D.Dr. Musgrave2004Non-linear dynamics of marine ecosystem models
Kerri FredricksonM.S.Dr. Strom2004The role of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) as a microzooplankton grazing deterrent in northern Puget Sound and the coastal Gulf of Alaska
Kristen ShakeM.S.Dr. Mathis2011Hydrographic controls and seasonal variability on the carbonate system in the northern Gulf of Alaska