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Earlier Participants

Seward Line LTOP, 2005-2017

The four Principal Investigators of the Seward Line Long Term Observational Program were described at the time as follows:

  • Russ Hopcroft oversees the current sampling program and has acted a Chief Scientist on all but one NPRB-funded cruise. During days his team collects the fine-meshed zooplankton samples and conducts experimental work on zooplankton growth and reproduction rates.
  • Tom Weingartner (retired) is responsible for measuring the Physical Oceanography during cruises. He acted as Chief Scientist on numerous cruises during the NSF-funded GLOBEC cruises, although his technicians now conduct most CTD operations.
  • Jeremy Mathis’s team is responsible for carbonate (a.k.a. Ocean Acidification) and nutrient chemistry during the cruises. While nutrients have been measured since the program began, Ocean Acidification studies commenced in 2008.
  • Ken Coyle has yet to miss a Seward Line cruise in the past 16 years. He supervises the night shift and collects the larger zooplankton and micronekton using the obliquely towed multinet system

In addition, there have been many participants in activities at the Seward Line over the years. Here is a
partial list of participants of previous sampling efforts in the Gulf of Alaska:

Marine Ecosystem Monitoring in the Northern Gulf of Alaska

Chuck AdamsxZooplanktonGraduate Student
Mikhail BlikshteynxFisheriesGraduate Student
Jennifer BoldtxFisheriesGraduate Student
Amanda ByrdxZooplanktonGraduate Student
Cheryl ClarkexxZooplanktonStaff
Amy Ruehs ChildersxNutrients/PhytoplanktonGraduate Student
Ken CoylexxZooplanktonPrincipal Investigator
Seth DanielsonxxPhysicsStaff
Carla DelfinoxZooplanktonStaff
Leandra DeSousaxZooplankton/SeabirdsGraduate Student
Mike FoyxMicrozooplanktonStaff
Lew HaldorsonxFisheriesPrincipal Investigator
Russell HopcroftxxZooplanktonPrincipal Investigator
Markus JanoutxxPhysicsGraduate Student
Jeremy KasperxPhysicsGraduate Student
Tom KlinexxZooplanktonPrincipal Investigator
Evelyn LessardxMircozooplanktonPrincipal Investigator
Sang Heon LeexNutrientsPostdoctoral Researcher
David LeechxxPhysicsStaff
Hui LiuxxZooplanktonGraduate Student / Postdoc
Stephanie MorelandxNutrients/PhytoplanktonStaff
A. J. PaulxFisheriesPrincipal Investigator
Jack PiccoloxFisheriesPost-doctoral researcher
Alexei PinchukxxZooplanktonStaff / Graduate Student
TaeKeun RhoxNutrientsPostdoctoral researcher
Melanie RohrxNutrients/PhytoplanktonStaff
Tom RoyerxPhysicsPrincipal Investigator
Nandita SarkarxPhysicsGraduate Student
Isaac SchroederxPhysicsGraduate Student
Laura SlaterxZooplanktonGraduate Student
Christopher StarkxxZooplanktonStaff
Elizabeth StockmarxxZooplanktonStaff
Dean StockwellxPhytoplanktonPrincipal Investigator
Sarah ThorntonxxNutrients/ChlorophyllStaff
Mary TinninxNutrientsStaff
Xian WangxZooplanktonGraduate Student
Tom WeingartnerxxPhysicsPrincipal Investigator
Terry WhitledgexxNutrients/PhytoplanktonPrincipal Investigator
William WilliamsxPhysicsGraduate Student
Megan WolfexPhysicsUndergraduate Student