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Fall Updates – Graduate Student Opportunity, Article Published

Graduate student research opportunity:  Study biological oceanography in the Gulf of Alaska

Fall 2021 scientists
Scientists from the fall 2021 NGA LTER cruise. Photo by Mette Kaufman.

A new project in conjunction with the Northern Gulf of Alaska Long-Term Ecological Research site will provide partial support (quarterly stipend, tuition) for a Master’s of Science student at Western Washington University. The student’s thesis research will involve some aspect of lower trophic level (phytoplankton, microzooplankton, mixtotroph) plankton ecology, as studied during multi-disciplinary oceanographic cruises to the region; the student will also assist with sampling conducted by the NGA LTER program. The degree program can be through either the Biology or the Environmental Sciences department at WWU, starting Fall Quarter 2022. For further information on admission to WWU’s graduate programs, please see their website. Other useful information sources include the NGA LTER website and WWU’s Marine and Estuarine Sciences program.

For more information contact Dr. Suzanne Strom at the Shannon Point Marine Center, stroms@wwu.edu.



MTH article
Turning the Tides in the Gulf of Alaska, by Michele Hoffman Trotter.

Media specialists participate in our summer 2021 research cruise:

Michele Hoffman Trotter and Alex Rose joined our summer 2021 cruise aboard the R/V Sikuliaq. Michele wrote an article discussing zooplankton sampling for Dive Log Australasia.

Wow –  look at those amazing photos of organisms!